Vacation Rental Agency


To create an inexpensive site that was modern, responsive and current to showcase rentals


The client wanted a site that could showcase her stock of rental properties in Puerto Aventuras. She needed it turning around within a very short space of time and didn't want to spend a fortune on it. Anything extra I could give her would be a benefit. She had already engaged a professional photographer for the units, but didn't have any branding or a collar palette in mind.

The new webpage would aim to achieve:

1. Credibility in the space
2. An easy portal to view the properties and availability
3. A mechanism to contact her or book directly the properties


After a brief chat it was evident that if we were going to meet the timescale and budget, a WP theme was the only way forward, I had one in mind, one I had used previously for another client and also for one of my own personal websites when I was running a vacation rental of my own apartment. 

I showed her examples and talked through any customisation that she's like, fortunately, the theme supported Elementor, so there was some design latitude we could operate in.

The client also had an older domain name that wasn't a good fit, I had a domain on file that I transferred over along with setting up web hosting:

Setup CloudFlare for DNS caching and Domain Registrar services.

Moved the Domain into her CloudFlare account

Setup a hosting account for her 

We settled on a colour pallet and I designed a logo, ran through some training and the site went live inside three weeks.


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