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I first created my website in 2005, I had no idea of website costs and was too afraid to ask. This led me to create my own site, a travel blog site that went well and hit page one of Google.
Still, there are people out there that are too stimied by the techiness of the whole website thing to even speak to a developer or designer to get a quote, or they go and get a cheap off the shelf affair that doesnt suit their needs and promise they'll never set foot in the arena again.
Below, I aim to dispel some of that intrigue by giving you, as best as i can, a quote for your new site. 
Now, i have to say, this does come with caveats, as there could well be many, in fact infinite variables involved in creating your site for you, but this will give you a ball-park figure and in many cases these prices have been pretty spot on for many clients.

First off, let's take a look at

What makes a website expensive?


These can be anything from icons, images, logos or the overall design colour palette. I can, and do provide all of the services to get everything in one place, but to keep your prices down it's always a good idea to have all of this ready to go, so I have a clear canvas to work from. These should include: Logo - Colours - Fonts - Icons - Images - Artwork

New or Existing Site?

A new site is easier in some ways that there is no existing data to cater for, no potential downtime or dealing with an existing hosting environment, but there's also more work involved as an existing site usually has some or all of the copy in place to port across, many times it has an exiting architecture, logos, photos, artwork etc.
Also an existing site owner will have been through this process before, so it a little bit more attuned to the requirements.

Merging or Copying Data

Some existing sites may have some if not large amounts of data they wish to port across. This can be anything from simple blog posts or other data that they wish to include in the new site.


Is a domain name required, or do you already own a domain name. Will you require hosting or any other technical assistance like moving hosting provider.
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