You May Have 99 Problems, But Your Website Should Not Be One Of Them

Running a business can be difficult enough!

I get it. I have ran multiple businesses in my time and understand the devotion, commitment, the huge learning curve and the out of the orbit, let alone out of your comfort zone, demands that can be required to get the business off the ground, let alone maintaining it.
For many people looking to grow their business, the effort and pain in creating their first website is considerable. I take the tech burdon from you and promise to deliver a smart, well designed, responsive website that will fit your business, increase conversations, but more importantly will not break the budget.

Why Build a Website in 2024?

Establish your brand

Having clear branding and an image that makes you stand out encourages trust and confidence in your customers. It shows commitment and in today's digital age is as close as you'll get to a bricks and mortar establishment.

Attract and keep your customers

With many tools at your disposal from SEO, organic traffic, paid ads, content marketing, you can attract more customers to your site than by relying on a social media algorithm to selectively display your latest post or update.
Once there you can RETAIN your customers through direct communication, targeted discounts and loyalty schemes.

Control the discussion

While social media has its place, running your business solely on this platform takes away much of the control you have over your brand and the narrative.
With your own website, you have control of the information that is put out, you have control of the messaging and the image.

Establish legitemacy

When I'm doing business with anyone other than a small bedroom operation, I always check their website for authority and legitimacy. It also gives me an indication to the standards of their service. A well laid out and presented website speaks volumes for the service being offered.
With 47% of all global retail sales made online, you simply cannot afford to ignore the digital landscape anymore. 
Is your digital shop front as good as it can be?
Is yourwebsite a good user experience on mobile?
With over 4billion users now accessing the web on their mobile devices, your page needs to look as good on mobile as it does on the desktop. 

Who are my clients

New Start-ups

Are you a new business or a small business that has been operating through Facebook or other social media platforms or maybe just a bedroom operation that wants to take that next step?
Looking to expand and scale your operation either through greater reach, leveraging content marketing or SEO?
In need of 'legitamecy' to edge past your competition?

Existing SME

Do you have an existing website that is tired and dated?
Does your website stack-up against your competition?
Does your website look good and fully usuable on mobile devices?
Are you unhappy with the loading speed, bounce rate or size of your website and need a refresh, content change?

Website Design

My aim is create modern, fast, unique, lightweight designs that look just as good on mobile as they do on desktop.

I do this using the latest code technologies, HTML5, CSS, PHP and the Oxygen framework to deliver a bespoke website that's as unique as your business.

This doesn't need to be expensive, check out my quote calculator to get an idea of your next website cost.


I'm aware that there are a plethora of eCommerce platforms out there such as Shopify, Itsy, Squarespace, Wix, even Facebook. But most of them have one thing in common and that is the conveyor-belt of charges and subscriptions.

I ran my own ecommerce platform from Shopify for two years, and believe me, those $9 plugins soon mount up.

Using Wordpress, Woocommerce and Oxygen, we can create a bespoke eCommerce platform for your new business. Get in touch to find out how I can help you bring your product to market.


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