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SharGloMa Soapworks


An artisan soap making company based in Victoria, BC


Gloria already had a healthy business selling soaps and spa bars locally and through some limited online channels through social media, but wanted to take the brand online and start an eCommerce outlet for their hand made soap collection.

1. eCommerce website
2. Hosting
3. Domain name registration & setup of email service ''


I needed to deliver an eCommerce platform that was easy to setup and operate, but powerful enough to handle the trade that would come through the site. We also needed to join it in with Square, which was their choice of payment gateway.

I built the site from the ground up around Woocommerce and installed Square payment gateway integration. I also needed to provide hosting, register the domain and also setup the eMail account.

It's still early days, but they had some decent volume of orders through from the outset, and it's a good solid platform to build on to take the brand further and better scale the business.


The site took around three weeks after we had the copy and images delivered. I just needed to adjust the sizes and backgrounds to fit in with the given colour pallet.
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