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Health & Beauty. The spa is located just outside of Eastbourne on England's South Coast


Refresh website and identity. To bring the site up to date, make responsive and tie in with the branding theme currently on the socials.

1. Brand Identity and unity
2. Provide a method in which the client could update portions of the pages easily
3. Improve the SEO and readability on mobile devices


Emma already had an existing size that was ten years old which had kept her on the map and brought clients. On it was a price list and services that needed updating, plus the old size wasn't responsive on mobile. The branding wasn't in line with what she had on her socials, and there was an overall disconnect between all the platforms.

We introduced a new logo that was based on the colour design of what she was currently using for the social media. Hinting at elements of the logo and the design throughout the whole site to better tie in the overall cohesion and design. Made a custom font for the title and topped it off with a large, descriptive custom-made mega-menu and some subtle text animation.


The site took around two weeks from start to finish. We paused mid-way through due to the COVID pandemic as we weren't sure of what guidelines we would have to adhere to and the copy changes we'd have to make.

I put the site up, configured some SEO and optimized the images for speed. While site speed wasn't a requirement, I was intent, as with all sites, to get a good site load speed so as to keep the bounce rate as low as possible.
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