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Freedom Design


Business and Personal coaching and consulting based in Ireland.


To fix the issues on the current Wordpress website, standardise the look and layout and have it look more cohesive and balanced. Add some socials buttons and improve the form functionality.

1. Tie in Branding
2. Improve logo quality
3. Add some extra plugins and functionality


The theme had already been setup when i took it on, but the images were out of scale, and not suitable for the dimensions.

The logo was already in place, but was low resolution and taken from a previously built website. I took the logo into photoshop, used the elements I could and replicated the rest in larger format, saves as png and downscaled for a smoother and sharper look. 

I update the font from the system default Open Sans to Roboto and Lato that I felt reflected the site better as well as providing a better level of readability.

The client wanted some off-theme changes that I did with custom CSS code, I installed Sassy Social Chare for some social sharing icons, evened out the spacing and unified the colours to give an overall cohesive look that flowed better and gave more of a solif presentation.


The site took around a week from start to finish. 

The site was already in situ and the client was OK with me working on the live server as it hadn't been put live. Not something I'm keen on as i always develop locally.
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