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The client wanted to rank higher for some keywords. They had an old site that was previously built on Wordpress, but the form had since stopped working. They wanted me to increase their position on certain market keywords and take a look at the form.

1. SEO
2. Some maintenance


On looking at the back end, it was obvious that the site hadn't had any maintenance done on it for a considerable amount of time. The messages were backed up, the database was being filled with spam and the plugins were out of date.

I looked at the form, but it was an old outdated plugin that was no longer supported. I opted instead to install Ninja. Ninja required a later version of PHP that was on the server, and of course, the current theme hadn't been updated and wouldn't run on the version of Wordpress that was current.

I updated:
All of the plugins

Installed and configured a new form.
Installed and modified a lightweight theme and matched the branding as close as I could to the previous site.


It took me about a day to do the maintenance and a further day for the site and the form. I updated some of the SEO settings, identified some good long tail keywords that I thought they could benefit from and doubled up on the ones they were already ranking for.

I bumped them up to 2nd spot for "Benidorm Property Management" on Google for organic search.